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Book Publishing Made Simple

At Premium Source, we love to see the joy on authors' faces when they first see the ideas they've been envisioning showcased in a professionally-designed book.

With recent innovations in self-publishing, such as e-book publishing and print-on-demand (POD) services, you can bypass traditional publishing houses and use our custom printing services to bring your book ideas to fruition. No need to risk losing control of your materials by sending them to an unknown out-of-state or out-of-country printer. Our book publishing services are customized to fit your specific book. We'll assign one of our local experienced designers to guide you through each step of the layout and printing process.

Our book publishing services include:

We’re more than “just a book printer.” We’re a local publishing partner you can count on. Don't put your book in the hands of a faceless online printing service. Talk face-to-face with us and see actual printed samples. We realize just how important printing your book is and we go the extra mile to get all the details right.

Advantages of Self-Publishing with Premium Source

You are in control

Book content, format, cover design, marketing and other critical decisions are made entirely by you, the author.

Publication speed

We can bring self-published books to market in several months or less. eBooks are even faster.

You retain the rights

All rights to self-published books belong to you, the author, without having to share profits with a traditional publisher.

No excess inventory

With our print-on-demand services, print only the books you need, when you need them.

Book of the Month

Humdrum Hannah Was Eating Junk | By Jan Katzen

Humdrum Hannah book cover

Most children’s nutritional education books are boring…not anymore.

Humdrum Hannah was Eating Junk to the rescue.

Hannah’s story will invite children to learn about food choices in a humorous and at times, moving way. Endearing vita-gem (healthy) and vita-germ (not-so-healthy) foods call out her name from the refrigerator each day around 4:00 PM. They argue to be chosen with silly dialogue and sound effects!

You will receive an audio book to listen in and fall in love with the characters - including “ice-cream” and “beans”.

Follow Hannah on her journey from humdrum to happy as “baby broccoli” rescues her from getting into trouble and she saves him from the trash can. Humdrum Hannah was Eating Junk includes a child-friendly glossary with definitions for big words like pank-ree-us, and dia-beat-eese, just to name a few. Children will also receive Glad-I-Ate-It-Superstar stickers, fun recipes, a coloring book, and Hannah’s nutrition and health tips for home and school.


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